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    Multi-temperature zone hot plate

    The multi-temperature zone glue baking table/baking machine/hot plate has 3 temperature control zones that can be set and adjusted for different temperatures, and can work simultaneously/singly. Maximum baking temperature 300 degrees, diameter 210mm

    1. description

    Product Introduction

    The multi-temperature zone glue bake station (WH-HP-02) is a product independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. It can be used in the glue baking process in the photolithography process, including pre-bake, middle-bake and post-bake. And has a segmented program-controlled heating. The equipment adopts PID temperature control system to automatically measure and control temperature. It has the characteristics of fast heating speed, uniform temperature and high temperature control accuracy, and can work continuously and stably for a long time. In addition, the biggest feature of this instrument is that it has 3 temperature control areas, which can be set and adjusted for different temperatures, and can work simultaneously/singly. This overcomes the fact that the conventional glue bake station has only one temperature control area, and multiple temperature controls must go back and forth. The shortcomings of switching between heating and cooling greatly improve the efficiency of glue drying and the temperature consistency of the glue drying process.

    Multi-temperature zone glue baking table (hot plate/baking machine) instruction manual download

    technical parameter

    Bake glue temperature: room temperature~300℃;

    Continuous baking time: ~15min or less;

    Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃;

    Temperature uniformity: <±5%;

    Bake rubber sheet specifications: φ210 mm (7 inches); φ130 mm (5 inches)

    Parameter setting: touch screen to set parameters;

    Temperature control form: PID temperature control system;

    Power input: AC220V±10V/50HZ;

    Power: 2.5 KW;

    Weight: 80 kg;

    Dimensions: 580(W)*706(D)*187(H)mm; 480(W)*580(D)*200(H)mm

    Feature Diagram

    Multi-temperature zone hot plate

    Multi-temperature zone hot plate