Wenhao shares focus on the development, production and sales of "microfluidic technology"-related products and technologies. The main business of microfluidic chip analysis technology covers the upstream and downstream of the entire microfluidic chip industry, from the microfluidic chip to the Components/accessories/consumables, extended to micro-droplet and micro-reactor, and various analysis and testing instruments for medical diagnostics, environmental testing, food safety, etc., and finally batches of various microfluidic chips for supporting analytical testing instruments production line. The main business is briefly described as follows:

1) Microfluidic chip: design, fabrication, processing, processing, sealing, characterization and packaging of all materials of microfluidic chips;

2) Mass production of microfluidic chips: The production of microfluidic chips for soft organic materials (PDMS), hard organic materials (PMMA, PC, PU, etc.) and inorganic materials (quartz, glass, etc.);

3) Microfluidic chip components/accessories/consumables: connectors, fixtures, microvalves, micropumps, microcontrollers, microelectrodes, chip substrates, photoresist, PDMS, and other consumables;

4) Microfluidic chip related devices: microfluidic chip processing, microfluidic chip sealing, microfluidic driving, microfluidic control, microfluidic chip surface treatment, temperature control, sample pretreatment, microfluidic chip structure characterization And other equipment;

5) Micro-reactors: Micro-fluidic chip-based small-scale, pilot-scale and production-grade micro-reactors, supporting the development of peripheral modules such as temperature, pressure, and power;

6) Micro-droplet chip: micro-fluidic chip-based drop production pilot test, pilot test, mass production of chips, fixtures, devices and instruments;

7) Paper chip: paper chip design, processing, mass production and supporting analysis and testing equipment;

8) Analytical instruments: Microfluidic chip-based analytical instruments for medical diagnostics, food safety, and environmental testing, including POCT, PCR, ELISA, circulating tumor cell detection, heavy metal ion detection instruments, ATP microbiological detectors Wait;

9) Microfluidic chip experimental setup: The overall solution of the microfluidic chip lab includes design, setup, instrument configuration, and laboratory related technical training;

10) commissioned development: to accept customer customization, commissioned the development of functional microfluidic chip and microfluidic chip-based analysis and testing equipment.

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