Suzhou Wenhao Microfluidics Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly: Wenhao Chips, Suzhou Wenhao Chips Technology Co., Ltd.) is known in the laboratory for its professionalism, scientific research, innovation and high quality service. With microfluidics as the main core technology, assisted by general-purpose equipment, the company continues to grow. Among them, precise analysis technology, professional scientific diagnosis, high-quality laboratory products and services are the focus.

       1. Accurate Analysis Technology (Analytical Technologies)

       Our company has precise analytical techniques, including chromatography and mass spectrometry and chemical analysis instruments, process instruments and environmental monitoring instruments, and corresponding life science products.

       Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Analysis Instruments is one of the key instrument technologies owned by our company. The company has a wide range of scientific instrument products, including mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, energy spectrum, surface analyzers, elemental analyzers, etc., making it a wise choice for professional users with superior technical advantages. In the areas of environmental protection, agriculture, public security, commodity inspection, petroleum, chemical industry, geology, quarantine, pharmaceuticals, health, nuclear science and other fields, we have conducted active research cooperation with Chinese research institutes. At the same time, several well-known original manufacturers in the field of instrumentation are gathered at home and abroad.

       Process Instruments brings to our company analytical technologies that combine the unique detection technology of industrial and civilian product manufacturing process design with extensive practical experience. Our products can provide accurate on-line or off-line measurements, allowing customers to improve their production processes and improve product quality. At the same time minimizing downtime and maximizing raw material utilization. Through this process instrument, our company's service can ensure that the customer's production and operation can be uninterrupted 24 hours a day throughout the year, thus optimizing the production and operation.

       In addition, Environmental Instruments provides innovative technologies, solutions, and services that meet government regulations and industrial safety standards. Through the continuous monitoring of ambient air quality and pollution source smoke, laboratory and online water quality analysis, radiation measurement, etc., it provides strong support for environmental protection and industrial hygiene.

       Biosciences covers areas such as cell culture, liquid handling, protein research, RNA interference, nucleic acid amplification and biological storage, and high-content cell screening and analysis. Wide range of applications, large quantities of products involved.

       2. Specialized Diagnostics (Specialty Diagnostics)

       In addition to accurate analytical techniques, professional scientific diagnosis is also essential. References to diagnosis, anatomical pathology, microbiology, glass/slides, clinical diagnosis, immunological diagnosis, etc. are products that our company possesses professional diagnostic capabilities.

       Among them, Anatomical Pathology covers a full range of equipment and reagents in histology, cytology, anatomy, and immunohistochemistry, as well as many famous brands.

       Microbiology products are widely used in fields such as medical inspection, disease monitoring, food inspection, pharmaceutical production, and biological fermentation, etc. Glass/slide products provide glass products for laboratories, including a full range of glass products. Microscope slides, coverslips, coated slides, and other laboratory-specific glassware; Clinical Diagnostics provides clinical laboratories with automated solutions for the most recent technical and biochemical analysis, including automation systems, analyzers, Diagnostic products and corresponding services and support.

       In addition, ImmunoDiagnostics is committed to providing medical professionals with advanced diagnostic techniques and clinical expertise to improve the management of allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

       3, Laboratory Products and Services (Laboratory Products and Services)

        A successful scientific research enterprise can not do without laboratory products and services. In addition to independent innovation brands, laboratory equipment and consumables, laboratory information management systems, laboratory services, and integration of laboratory services are all important factors that influence the construction and development of their own laboratories.

       Laboratory equipment and consumables (Laboratory Equipment and Consumable) is an important part of our company's laboratory products and services. In addition to providing customers with one-stop solutions to help customers build a complete and reliable laboratory, laboratory experts also provide scientific research-related laboratory equipment and world-class quality laboratory consumables. Many product styles include sample cryogenic storage equipment, cell culture equipment, sample centrifugation and concentration processing systems, microplate analysis instruments, laboratory pure water, constant temperature products, high-content analysis systems, automation equipment, pipettes, and experiments Room plastic products and glassware products.

       In addition to laboratory equipment, the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS and Laboratory Software) is its follow-up service, which is the active and effective management of specific data required by customers. Since its establishment, we have been in the leading position in this industry, committed to growing together with our customers' industries, and realized design and effective management in our entire product line.

       In addition, Laboratory Services provides a channel for unlimited solutions and provides services and support to scientists and technicians in academia, government, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industry, food quality inspection and petrochemical industries. Our company provides customers with "one-stop" services with rich product selection and convenient network. Unity Lab Services provides customers with all laboratory equipment and equipment support and supply management. Manufacturers, with our superior expertise and service capabilities, help customers increase productivity with less resources and lower costs.