Custom Microfluidic Chips

Lab on chip manufacturing services

Microfluidic chip structure:

        From the film base (pmma, glass, pdms and other materials) - from the channel, into the mouth, such as the detection window structure. Peripheral devices are peristaltic pump, micro-injection pump, temperature control, acceleration, and UV, spectrum, fluorescence and other detection components. Biological experiments in laboratory processes can be concentrated to a film base, it is also known as LAB on chip. The structure of the substrate is determined by the specific experiment. Designing and processing the substrate of the microfluidic chip is the foundation of the microfluidic experiment. The electrical equipment attached to the chip structure is an essential part of the chip experiment. The main functions are driving liquid flow, liquid flow, temperature control, image acquisition and analysis, feedback and automatic control.

Microfluidic chip processing technology services introduced: (mass production)

       1. Glass chip processing technology: wet etching. Machinable minimum line width range is 10-25um or above.

       2. PDMS chip processing: lithography / mold. The size of the PDMS chip fabricated using the in-mold process depends on the size of the SU-8 anti-mold. Different SU-8 models of different depth of the most appropriate processing, generally require customers to provide minimum width and aspect ratio to assess.

       3. Wen Wei chip technology, using its own CNC CNC equipment, capable of processing high-precision polymer chip products (PMMA, PC, ABS, TEFLON engineering plastics) and metal materials (aluminum, nickel and stainless steel, etc.), the channel The minimum width limit is 150μm. The depth limit depends on the processing characteristics. The maximum processing range is 400 * 400 * 260cm. With the precision testing equipment, the size of the control products is fine and the surface roughness is small, which can meet the requirements of higher requirements.

       4 injection molding chip processing technology: mold / injection molding. Subject to the mold processing technology, the need for specific assessment of the customer's structure.

       Microfluidic chip processing drawings requirements: Please consult before drawing consult, sketches indicate the size. Machining accuracy: Machining accuracy according to the specific structure of the processing and the specific purpose of the application requirements.

       Microfluidic chip processing technology service charges: Charges According to the processing method, accuracy, complexity, etc., bulk and single pieces of small pieces of different prices, please consult.

       Undertake the scope: all types of microfluidic chip design and processing, and peripheral electrical system development. Can consult.

       Processing technology means: laser etching, CNC machining, stamping, mold, etc., but also on the chip holder or fixed shell to provide 3D printing proofing services for the microfluidic chip docking with other experimental platform to provide support, as well as convenient business Show

       Provide microfluidic chip CNC machining equipment platform and processing technology training services:

       Compared with other process platforms, the CNC machining microfluidic chip is simple, fast and easy to learn and can adapt to most scientific research applications. The microfabricated CNC microfabrication chip can provide high precision and optical performance at the millimeter and submillimeter microfluidic chip level, Good, good repeatability and other characteristics, the application is very wide.

       Mainly related to technology:

       1. Microfluidic chip design

       2.Microfluidic chip mapping technology

       3. cnc CNC machine operation technology

       4.Microfluidic chip processing technology and skills

       5. CNC machining microfluidic chip bonding methods and techniques

       Microfluidic chip experiment Other processing projects:

       1. syringe pump custom.

       2. Control software development (control injection pump injection control, detection signal acquisition and analysis software, control system software development)

       3. Microfluidic chip detection coupling UV detection device, fluorescence detection device, continuous spectrum real-time online scanning spectrometer custom development.

       4. Automatic sampling robot customization.

       5. Thermostat customization module, rapid temperature change module customization (PCR), to achieve constant temperature microfluidic chip incubation, gene amplification (temperature cycling PCR).

       6. ccd microscopy and image analysis

       7. High voltage constant voltage power supply module

       8. Conductivity detection module design

       9. Turbidity detection module design

       10. Liquid density detection module

       11. Solution surface tension detection module

       12. Circuit design, structural mechanical design

       13. Wavelength filter manufacturing process

       14. PMT (pmt) detection components structure design and processing, power supply, data acquisition and amplification circuit design, signal acquisition and processing analysis software development.

       15. PC communication and PC control software development

       16. Microfluidic sub-millimeter scale electronic valve

       17. Gold-plated, embedded electrodes. DNA probe fixed.

       18. Microfluidic chip technology solutions and other comprehensive solutions.

       19. Microfluidic chip laboratory set up the overall packaging services.