About Us

Suzhou Wenhao Microfluidic Technology Co., Ltd. was set up by returned overseas talents in 2012. The company sets the development, production and sales as one, that following with stronger technical forceadvanced production equipmentcompleted detective technology and excellent quality. We have already built a multi-functionalized R&D production centre. We have set up three production lines for massive microfluidic chips fabrication, including CNC machine tool,  soft lithography and mask lithography, enabling us to fabricate microfluidic chips using all kinds of materials, namely, glass, quartz, silicone, PDMS and PMMA. We have developed a series of products based on integrated microfluidic chips, including,

general medical diagnostic chips

general chips which can be used to analyze and monitor environment pollutants

general chips which can be used in the area of food security

New energy source based on microfluidic chips.

And we keep the leading position in the field of biochip and chemical chip. During two years, we create 81 intellectual properties. Among these properties, there are 65 patents, 7 utility models,

2 registered trademarks, 7 copyrights.


Our services include design and fabricate microfluidic chips according to clients’ requirements. We can fabricate polymer-based (PDMS, PMMA, PC, etc.), glass-based and metal-based microfluidic chips. Furthermore, we can process more complicated microfluidic chips, including large-sized PMMA chips, microfluidic chips with electrodes, multiple-layer chips, chips with multiple functionalized units. Additionally, we have developed high-efficient, low-cost and batch-mode techniques for the production of microfluidic chips (PMMA and PDMS), providing a solid foundation for the promotion of microfluidic chip based analytical techniques.The mission of Suzhou Wenhao chip technology Co., Ltd. is on the R & D and Industrialization of microfluidic chips, and to provide a series of microfluidic products and relevant services, especially those one-stop microfluidic analytical techniques, namely:

1.      Design and fabrication of microfluidic chips,

2.      Surrounding equipments so as to make microfluidic chips functionalized properly,

3.      Equipments which are used to fabricate, control and test microfluidic chips,

4.      Microfluidic chip-based analytical techniques and instrumentations.


Microfluidics of Suzhou Wenhao Chip Technology Co., Ltd. is located at NO.128, FangZhou Road, Suzhou Industrial ParkSIP),which has branches in BeijingTianjingShanghai, etc. Now there are about 40 staff who have bachelor's degreesmaster degreessenior titles and doctor degrees. Among these4 people own background of overseas study and working experience, 2 people own degree of MBA , and 1 people has the qualification of CPA.


In accordance with the operation of modern corporation system, at present, our company’s term structurepersonal systemfinancial systemthe intellectual property system have been formed and matured gradually.


Motto: high qualityhigh credibilityhigh efficiency.

purpose: Treat the invention and innovation as a leader, the transformation of scientific achievements as the means, the field of microfluidic chips as main battlefield and always follow the road of commercialization, industrialization, and the internationalization

culture: credibilitysurenesshigh qualityfirst-class

philosophypeople orientedfriendly solidarityfaithful collaborationmultilateral development

Values:   pursue excellencecorporate image of bold innovations;

               high efficiencyteam image of self-discipline;

be pragmaticfigure of cadre of forging ahead

aesthetic externalproduct image of inner truth

be rigorousmanagement image of scientific standard

honest and credibleservice image of exceeding expectations

Mission: industry serves the countrycreate great valueserve for the societymake contributions to human

Vision: Be the industry leader of microfluidic chip


Microfluidics of Suzhou Wenhao Chip Technology Co., Ltd. makes long benefits to customers and the society aiming at becoming unique. We take the market as the guide, the talents as the management core and show more considerate services. Our control standards are better than domestic and international standards to meet customers’ expectations and requirements. Based on the core technological innovation and long-term development strategy, we always put our heart and soul into scientific services.


We always insist on that product development needs innovation and quality management needs accurate.

We always believe in that attitude decides everything and details determine success or failure.