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    Vacuum hot press bonding

    The WH-2000B vacuum thermocompression bonding machine is used for low and medium temperature bonding of glass, silicon wafer, wafer, sapphire, quartz and other substrates, and wafer vacuum low temperature/room temperature direct bonding equipment.

    1. description

    1. Product introduction

    The WH-2000B vacuum thermocompression bonding machine is a bonding machine independently developed by Wenchuan Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. On the basis of WH-2000A, the temperature control range has been increased, and the temperature control setting program has been upgraded. It is used for glass, It is the first domestic special equipment for silicon-based thermocompression bonding for the low-to-medium temperature bonding of silicon wafers, wafers, sapphire, quartz and other substrates.

    The WH-2000B vacuum thermocompression bonding machine is sufficient to meet the low and medium high temperature bonding under different gases, and even the continuous low temperature under the vacuum environment; among them, the temperature during low temperature high bonding and medium low temperature can be flexibly set and programmed; The combined pressure is also arbitrarily set and controlled within the variable.

    1.1 Product features

    1) Using constant temperature control heating technology, precise temperature control;

    2) Aluminum alloy working platform, flat top and bottom, fast thermal conductivity and uniform thermal conductivity;

    3) Large heating area, covering sheets of commonly used sizes;

    4) Air cooling, uniform cooling rate, which helps to ensure the bonding effect;

    5) The pressure is precisely adjustable, and different pressure controls are substituted for different substrates;

    6) A unique vacuum hot pressing system is adopted to greatly increase the bonding power while ensuring that the sheet is not damaged.

    1.2 Technical parameters

    1) Dimensions: 470×415×876 mm;

    2) Weight: 80 kg;

    3) Bonding platform: 230×200 mm;

    4) Platform parallelism: 0.05 mm;

    5) Bondable chip thickness: 0~140 mm;

    6) Rated voltage: AC220V / 50HZ;

    7) Pressure range: 0~3.5 KN;

    8) Pressure display accuracy: plus or minus 0.1 KN

    9) Rated power: 1.4 KW;

    10) Temperature control range: room temperature~300℃;

    11) Temperature control accuracy: plus or minus 2℃;

    12) Maximum temperature difference: 5℃;

    13) Maximum heating rate: 4℃/min;

    14) Support temperature programming section number: 10 sections temperature control;

    15) Vacuum degree: KPa level

    16) Two-way atmosphere interface: 2×DN10

    Keywords: chamber bonding; low temperature bonding; vacuum bonding; surface activation bonding; direct bonding