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Metal Mold

 Metal molds - Mass production of PMMA/PDMS chips.

Electroformed metal molds: Metal molds made using electroforming technology that can be used as a template to make polymers or glass chips. The mould line width is more than 20μm controllable and the height above 5μm is controllable. The cost of the mold is low and its life span is more than a few hundred times, which can meet the needs of the pilot stage.

Introduction: The cost of micro-machining has become a major factor limiting the industrialization of microfluidic chips. Injection molding will be the best way to solve this problem. The domestic traditional mold processing technology mainly concentrates on the mold structure of 100 μm or more, and the error is relatively large. Wenxun's self-developed metal mold is expected to solve the cost bottleneck of microfluidic chip industrialization. The metal mold can be used to process materials such as PMMA/PDMS/glass. The result is as follows:

Metal molds - Mass production of PMMA/PDMS chips.

Figure 2: Production of a PDMS chip and a PMMA chip using a metal die plate

Metal mold / micro-electroforming mold advantages:

1. Can repeatedly print PMMA/PDMS/glass chip

2. Good surface structure

Processing specifications:

The processing line width of the metal chip template is not less than 30um and the processing height is not more than 70um

     The micro-mold is a special material mold having a micro-scale pattern structure and is a necessary product for manufacturing a microfluidic chip and other biological chips. Micro-mold is based on photolithography-based processing technology. According to the difference in molding process and application range, we provide hard-die die products.