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    Y-junction Chemical reaction microfluidic chip

    Y-junction Chemical reaction microfluidic chip

    1. 详细信息

    Y-junction microfluidic chip for chemical reactions in experimental microfluidics. Not only can the consumption of reactants be saved, but also the occupancy of the experimental space can be reduced. Chip are equipped with a catheter fittings and other accessories, users only need to use the syringe or pipette fluid can be injected to achieve the use of the chip. In order to standardize the routine use of the chip, the size of the slide or the microplate is used in the processing of the chip, that is, the standard chip size is 25 * 76 mm and the distance between the microchannels is 4.5 mm or 9 mm.

    ◇ conduit fittings

    ◇ save consumption

    ◇ reduce the laboratory space occupied

    ◇ simple operation

    ◇ safe and reliable

    ◇ using glass slide or microplate size

    Specifications: 25 * 76mm

    Microchannel distance: 4.5mm / 9mm